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During the night of 7 june 2019 we occupied the house at Kolibriweg 5 in Zürich. There are too many empty houses in this city and at the same time rents can no longer be paid and many people have and find hardly or no roof over their heads. We have decided not to take these conditions any further and to become active. Shortly after the occupation, the first cops appeared. We were asked to communicate and then threatened for a long time, lied and tried to put us under pressure. We have not consistently responded to this game and have decided not to leave the house and defend the occupation. After long and tough negotiations, the cops had to leave again. Negotiations with the owner are sought. From now on we are looking forward to a solidarity visit.

Empty buildings for living and free space!
Cops fuck off!
This is our house!
Squat the City!


  • action/protest/camp
Kolibriweg 5
8048 Zurich


Evicted squat