Stressfaktor update

Some bad news: After years of hard work, the online Stressfaktor people want to stop and soon won't put your events online anymore.
But the good news is that not all is lost. The online Stressfaktor is using the international event calendar Radar as technical backend, and that keeps on running. In order to publish your events you can add them directly there in future.

Everything in Berlin is at and
As long as Stressfaktor exists online in its current form, those events also appear there.

Every project or place has its own group on radar and you can add your events there.
Stressfaktor has probably already set up your group:
Send us an email and we give you the login and thereby the control over that group - and if necessary we also give you practical help in adding your events.
And if you want to add a new group, then we can also help with that.

Our email addresses: (very slow at the moment) and
Both have the same GPG key:

** But what about **

That all depends on you. Ideally, a new group of people could be found to continue the online Stressfaktor. At the moment the main difference between Radar and Stressfaktor is mainly that on Radar only the creation of new groups is moderated, while Stressfaktor moderates and edits the individual events. How Stressfaktor continues depends on you - the political activists in Berlin - but we are happy to help you with all technical questions.

** What needs to happen now? **

  • Adding events on Radar - otherwise in a few weeks it will look like there aren't any info evenings, actions, concerts, voküs or so in Berlin anymore.
  • And share this email so that other groups also do so in time.

Your Radar collective

PS: The email server is currently struggling. Emails to, as, therefore might arrive very delayed or possibly not at all. Update: The mail server has had some loving care and is running again.