Solidaria Social Center

Solidaria Social Center

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A completely new Social Center in Stockholm that offers a liberated space of creativity and solidarity for people from below and to the left! Solidaria is an autonomous social center with the aim to provide space and resources to practice mutual aid and to self-organize against and beyond our oppression. Solidaria is a resource for movement building in Stockholm, a space where people from different struggles can meet and where new grassroot initiatives can grow. 

At the moment the center is open: 

tuesdays 18-21

thursdays 18-21

sundays 14-18

outside of these hours the center can be open sporadically. If your group has the need to be in Solidaria at other times it can be arranged if you let us know in time. If you want to get in touch, throw us an email or just come by!


  • advice/help/office hours
  • bar/cafe
  • children's activity
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • meeting
  • music/concert
  • party
  • work space/diy


Starrbäcksgatan 3
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