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November 30, 2022 - Seville once again has a Self-Managed Squatted Social Center for a few weeks. La Leona, located on Francisco Meneses Street 2, between Miraflores and Cruz Roja streets, already has its doors open. After the previous squatting was thwarted by an express eviction, we were immensely happy to resist in this new liberated space... a warehouse of more than 350m2 and municipal property to which we hope to get a lot out of it.

Just a few months ago we were trying to put an end to the lack of squatted social centers in Seville. The building that we squatted in the Macarena and that was going to host the CSOA la Leona was evicted the same day we made it public. However, as we said at the time, we were not going to be stopped there. Therefore, in the fall of 2022 we squatted a new space for the CSOA La Leona, on Francisco Meneses Street.

This space that we squat is owned by the city council, which had planned a public endowment for the neighborhood since 2006 that in 16 years never arrived. We now intend to rehabilitate the space, take care of it, fill it with life and build together a project that responds to a collective need. In addition, by squatting we make clear our political position against speculation, gentrification and touristification, as well as our rejection of private property – and that the state apparatus defends it above the lives and needs of people. While banks, real estate and other capitalist companies seek to extract economic benefit regardless of the impact they cause. With a self-managed and squatted social center we seek to contribute, build alternatives at a political, relational, artistic and leisure level.

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CSOA La Leona
Calle Francisco Meneses 2
41008 Sevilla


Evicted squat
CSOA La Leona
Calle Muñoz León 5
41009 Sevilla


Evicted squat