Asamblea Libertaria Chuchunco

Asamblea Libertaria Chuchunco

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The idea of forming the Asamblea Libertaria Chuchunco is to articulate the libertarian and related forces of the commune of Estación Central and its surroundings in order to confront the state and the capital from our communities and neighborhoods. To this end, the assembly is proposed as a tool of the community in struggle, a space that allows us to organize ourselves without the mediation of leaders, leaders or political parties, from the anarchist principles and ideas, that is, from horizontality, autonomy, mutual support and self-management. In short, it is a call to take charge of our environment, to resolve our needs directly, to take control of our lives, to forge relationships of comradeship and solidarity between neighbours, to live in freedom and autonomy.

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Asamblea libertaria: convocatoria abierta, todos los miércoles a las 20:00 en Plaza Palena


  • course/workshop
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  • meeting
Plaza Palena (Las Rejas con 5 de Abril)
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