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Chez Elia, a squat opened in April 2021, and which had to close down on September 28, 2021, after 4 months of valiant presence.

Since Sunday 18 April 2021, we have been occupying the former school Massenet, rue Benoît Malon in Saint-Etienne, which has been empty for several months and which belongs to the city. We wish to make it a place of struggle, life and discussions open to all.
We occupy this building because we refuse to choose between a growing precariousness and a world of profit more and more dehumanizing, to always more toiling while others amass billions and to rent slums while the city hall leaves buildings to the abandonment. This place is meant to host various cultural and political events and to support anti-capitalist, anti-racist, LGBTI+, ecologist struggles, etc... and therefore open to all people and groups wishing to organize, meet and discuss around them.
We will keep you informed about the next events and we want to keep the communication around this place.
Do not hesitate to come and meet us!

opening times: 

Mercredi, de 12h à 14h, cantine de soutien
Dimanche, de 17h30 à 19h, assemblée générale


  • action/protest/camp
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • meeting
Chez Elia
17 rue Benoît Malon


(entrée côté parc)


Evicted squat