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Getting a book, reading it, making notes, becoming passionate about it, underlining it, recommending it, reading it again, lending it to others, discussing it, deciding to edit it, correcting it, diagramming it, making an effort to share it.

Publishing a book goes beyond reading -what is considered as the individual act par excellence-. From its conception on, a book is a way of communicating and even of intervening in social life. It creates links [lazos] between people who know each other and even between those who will never meet, either because of the distance in space or in time, creating a bond [lazo] between the reader and the writer, as well as between those who have been protagonists of the documented history and those who will simply read such a story.

But it is not about any book, or about reading either as a hobby or as an end in itself; it is devoting oneself over time and with dedication to get to know the world, to know it in the depths that radical criticism allows, provoked by a need for total transformation.


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