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Infopavlač is an autonomous infoshop established as a safe space for meeting, exchange of experience, and sharing of information. We welcome both individuals (free thinkers and dreamers) and radical, antiauthoritarian, feminist, and LGBTQIA+ collectives. Among the activities taking place here are communal vegan dinners, movie screenings, discussions, workshops, FNB cooking every Sunday and more. We also have an anarchist library as well as a distro with books, zines and Zapatista coffee.

Would you like to join us? Are you in need of a place to bring your project to life? Do you want to ask us a question or give us a piece of your mind?
Feel free to send us an email!

opening times: 

We don't have regular opening hours so far.


  • bar/cafe
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • film
  • food
  • meeting
  • work space/diy


Roháčova 20
bell "FNB"
13000 Prague
Czech Republic


Don't ! go to the pub - ring the bell "FNB" on the house door


Evicted squat
There are no upcoming events.