T.O.R.Re (Território-Ocupado-Rural-Redistribuído)

T.O.R.Re (Território-Ocupado-Rural-Redistribuído)

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We invite everyone for the creation of a squatted autonomous zone on the outskirts of Porto, Portugal (walking distance from the airport) starting on the 1st of April 2020 From the 19th to the 25th there will be (at the same place) a gathering of the struggles/arts/activism along with actions for the housing rights that will take place at the city center. If you have proposals and/or ideas and you want to get involved, get in touch. Please share with your networks. More info: https://abril2020porto.noblogs.org/eng-2/ @ll welcome See you there...


  • action/protest/camp
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • food
  • meeting
  • work space/diy


There are no upcoming events.