Les Roseaux

Les Roseaux

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The squat des Roseaux was opened in mid-December 2022, in a house located at 83 rue Robespierre in Montreuil. By squatting here we want to fight against a process present in all French cities and particularly voracious in Montreuil: gentrification. It is the increase in rents, precarious people pushed further and further from city centers, the replacement of local shops accessible to all by organic, bobo and overpriced brands, it is the creation of buildings for the rich, it is the sanitization of squares, the increase in police presence and surveillance. It is the end of neighborhood life, of the collective in favor of bourgeois and commercial lifestyles. The squat we have opened is a way for us to fight against these dynamics. It slows down a real estate project that provides for the destruction of the current house (yet perfectly habitable) and its garden in favor of a 5-storey building with roof terrace and commercial premises, a future pizzeria, on the ground floor whose housing will of course only be accessible to the richest. Faced with all this, we seek to create, with our means, other ways of life based on solidarity, far from market relations. In the long term or would like our house to be a space for meeting, mutual aid, discussion. We would like to be able to organize canteens, screenings, debates, meetings, accommodation, a free market and many other beautiful things.
On Wednesday, December 21, 2022, the squat was attacked by an excavator sent by the owner. The excavator destroyed the entrance gate, one end of the wall, a garage, and the railing of the stairs leading to the house. Neighbors and residents found themselves facing the excavator. 7 cop cars landed 40 minutes later. They collected testimonies and tried to take advantage of this situation to evict, claiming that it is a main residence, according to the owner. Finally the inhabitants found themselves facing the cops and 8 people were then arrested. A little later under pressure from the neighbors, the owner and the person driving the excavator were also arrested. The 8 people arrested were released after 48 hours in police custody and are under judicial control. After an exhausting police custody and being sent in front of a judge, we were summoned to our trial to be held in June 2023. While waiting for the trial we had a judicial control that forbids us to see each other and to go to the scene of the facts, that is to say our house. But good news! An appeal was filed and after one month the judicial control was lifted on the grounds of procedural irregularities.

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Cantine le dernier vendredi du mois à 19 heures.


  • action/protest/camp
  • discussion/presentation
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • meeting
Les Roseaux
83 rue Robespierre, Montreuil


Métro Robespierre


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