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Squat opened in September 2020, evcited on February 27, 2021, resquatted the same day. Le Marbré is evicted for a second time in June 2022.

Le Marbré is located in Montreuil at 1 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau and 39 rue des Deux Communes. In these premises abandoned for 4 years, in addition to spaces that are inhabited, we will develop spaces of political organization for autonomous collectives without any link with parties, unions or associations that already have so much space to act. We want this place to be used for meetings and General Assemblies, workshops, spaces for sharing and free of charge (solidarity canteens and grocery stores, infoshop, library...). In the idea any individual, informal group, or collective that fights against the State, capitalism, patriarchy, racism, psychophobia and different forms of oppression could invest this space.
Our presence is also part of a will to fight against the gentrification of the neighborhood. The so-called landlord practices real estate speculation and has plans to build housing that will help his wallet and encourage gentrification.
Materials that are always welcome: pens, paper, whiteboard and assorted felt-tip pens, bleach, household products, food, drinks, toilet paper, hygiene products, large plastic buckets?
We need support, especially outside, to defend the place. For this we invite you to come during the day. We don't have the possibility to provide accommodation. We need this place, don't let them take it from us! Let us be numerous, let us be strong!
To follow what's happening at the Marbré squat, there is a mailing list on which you can subscribe by sending a mail to


  • action/protest/camp
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • film
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • meeting


Le Marbré
39 rue des Deux Communes, Montreuil


Métro Croix-de-Chavaux, Robespierre ou Bérault. RER A: Vincennes


Evicted squat