Café Blitz

Is it a bit slow? We know :-( The poor server we are sharing is struggling. Plans are underway to move somewhere with some more resources.

Café Blitz

Stop by to eat some good and cheap vegetarian food, or to relax and talk.

Vegetarian and vegan cafe / VoKu on the ground floor at Blitz.

Opened Monday-Friday, from 12-ish to 18:00. Warm dinner served from 15-ish on all days, costs up to 40NOK.

Sandwiches, waffles, coffee etc for low prices, cash only.

opening times: 

Monday - Firday, 12-ish to 18:00


  • bar/cafe
  • food

additional tags: 

  • VoKu


Pilestredet 30
0166 Oslo


Former squat, now legalised