Anarchismus po Fidelovi a Pinochetovi

Tuesday, 23 August

Anarchism after Fidel and Pinochet

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Mario Castillo is cuban historian and anarchist, member of anarchist collective Taller Libertario Alfredo López from activist network Observatorio Crítico and co-founder of the Central American and Caribbean Anarchist Federation. Cristian Del Castillo is chilean anthropologist and member of afinity group “Acracia”, which is part of Local Anarchist Federation of Valdivia.

On Wednesday 24th of August they will come to Brno to talk about current situation and social struggles in their countries. In following discussion, they would like to talk, by others, about similarities of chilean and czech neoliberalism or find out, why the cuban right wing looks up to Czech republic as a model...

Wednesday 24. 8. from 19:00
Café Tři Ocásci
Gorkého 37, Brno-Úvoz

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Tuesday, 23 August, 2016 - 19:00


  • discussion/presentation


  • by donation
Jeseniova 60
Czech Republic


Evicted squat

„Stavíme se proti byrokratickému systému s centralizovanou mocí, který je sociálně nespravedlivý a dlouhodobě neudržitelný, bez ohledu na to, zda funguje ve státech kapitalistických nebo tzv. socialistických.


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