Dans L'cul Danku

Dans L'cul Danku

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One travelling woman collective and lot of cool volunteers! Originally a diy fest organised twice in Netherlands, now based in Brussels: organisation of various diy and non profit or "benefit for" events (concerts,people's kitchen, ...)  in occupied building, living rooms, cellars, toilets, gardens, closets....

"And i don't care about what the prying eyes can see, i'll keep on walking without pants in the middle of this school of fish that never stop screaming; keep on dancing to not die in a life where death has more place than the laughter of fools.
I'll not cry anymore and my hatred torn of my veins, thrown to the sheep, i prefer to live too much until a soon death, rather than die slowly on my shit.
One more or less, you can tell about me what you want, soppy, silly, crazy, in the twisted right way or not, i would stay at attention under the banner of fools, flag i will burn before to run into the storm."


Dans L'cul danku base
110 rue des plantes
1030 Bruxelles


2mn from north station
There are no upcoming events.