Power to the people space & café

Tuesday, 28 March

Power to the people space & café

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Power to the people space & café
Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien – Cultur Center 4lthangrund – alte Mensa

how to get there:
access via wheelchair is possible

A place to gather, rest, exchange and communicate during the power to the people conference and action days.

Open Saturday 25. - Wednesday 29. everyday 9am – 10pm
The cultural center 4lthangrund welcomes you to come by during the actions days.

About us: In 2018 we started with the utopian idea of anchoring art, culture, and social togetherness in the neighborhood for the long term. Our name takes up the demand “Right to the City”, and since then we have been operating in the Althangrund area. Through the continuous work of the last few years, we have become a constant in the city, district and in the neighborhood. We are an open collective organized as a non-profit association with the aim of enabling cultural, social, neighborhood, and solidarity activities in the district and promoting self-organization. The cultural center 4lthangrund is the place where such a solidarity perspective on the city is tried out and already lived.

What will happen on site: we are a place where you can inform yourself, about the protest, related needs as well in general as there is a self organized infoshop on site. We are a place to rest during the often stressful times of activism. We are a space to exchange, have a drink, get some food and to meet others. Furthermore, we are also a kid's friendly space, there is an extra play area with toys on site.
As a self organized space it's important that you support on side trough, respecting the structure and space. This goes from taking care of trash to washing dishes or by also getting yourself familiar with the concept of the space. We are looking forward to having you with us; power to all of us who aim for a good life for all and to overcome these factors that oppress us.

If you are on site - there are several things where you can support us. If you have some time to support, you can ask at the bar, what can be done (like helping with dishes, trash, cleaning shift, ...)

Date & Time: 

Tuesday, 28 March, 2023 - 09:00 to 22:00


  • bar/cafe
  • children's activity
  • meeting
  • work space/diy


  • free
  • by donation



0043677 64307596
Kulturzentrum 4lthangrund
Augasse 2-6
alte Mensa
1090 Wien



4lthangrund is an initiative of residents of the area, students, activits and other dedicated people and groups. We have room at the old WU which can also be used by others. We are committed to creating and sustaining affordable housing as well as cultural, artistic and social space – for all.


  • bar/cafe / book shop/info shop/library / children's activity / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / exhibition / film / food / meeting / music/concert / party / work space/diy