Honey Badger - Monzen - Lares

Saturday, 25 September

Honey Badger - Monzen - Lares

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!Entrance only with proof of vaccination or negative covid test!

Its time to dance to the beat of the living dead again. People come gather together in Tommyhaus to witness something that has been absent for too long!

Three groups have been chosen for the ritual of the night:

Honey Badger (Doom Metal)
Monzen (Alternative Power Metal)
Lares (Psychedelic Doom)


Honey Badger will do the initiation when they make you grasp for air with their decibel driven and twisted doom metal that blends in unforeseen tastes. They will come to remind you, that you are still alive, that all the emotional load of existence shall be set to lurid flame in your bloodstream using the most overwhelming power in the world: The subversive force of Rock'n'Roll! The Honey Badger is on the hunt – join them!

Is the first wave over the second one will hit you with impact when Monzen acclaim the stage to keep fueling the fire with their mixture of Rock, Metal und Punk.

For the brave and occult there will be last embalming performed by Lares to leave you shattered with their unique psychedelic doom. They going to perform their recent record Towards Nothingness entirely and will spit some extra unreleased spells towards you.

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Saturday, 25 September, 2021 - 20:00


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10963 Berlin


U-Bhf. Hallesches Tor


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Schicksaal  GESCHLOSSEN! wegen COVID-19/CLOSED due to COVID-19! 

Aktuelle Planung, Stand 5. August:

Im Oktober geht es hoffentlich wieder weiter mit Konzerten und Veranstaltungen im Schicksaal! 


ALL CONCERTS are CANCELED until further notice

Update Current planning, status 5th August: 

In October we hope to be able to continue with concerts and events in the Schicksaal! 


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