Punschhütte x WAFFENLADEN

Wednesday, 9 December

Punschhütte x WAFFENLADEN

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Culture is out! The Club is closed! Bookshops banned! All that is left - is WAFFENLADEN!

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COVID_19 - keep the distance - 1 meter distance to people who are not related or household related. On site only as many people as the current covid_19 regulations allow - please check in a day before for updates!

Event of 4lthangrund and the ÖH.Akbild

barrier-free access = in this context: there is a wheelchair accessible access - directions here: https://www.akbild.ac.at/Portal/barrierefreierZugang_Akademie_de.pdf, there is a wheelchair accessible toilet on site. The one outside is accessible without further obstacles. For the wheelchair accessible loo inside the building you need a Euro-Key (this can be obtained from the porter if necessary) and a change to another floor.

This is a university event within the framework of the ÖH.Akbild and teaching activities

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Wednesday, 9 December, 2020 - 14:00 to 18:00


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Augasse 2-6
1090 Wien


4th floor, Sector C / Kern C

4lthangrund is an initiative of residents of the area, students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the TU Spatial Planning and other dedicated people and groups. We have room at the old WU which can also be used by others.


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