United We Fight! Demo vom Helsingforser Platz

Saturday, 31 October

United We Fight! Demo vom Helsingforser Platz

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United We Fight! International Call for Action
Despite the forced eviction of one of our critical spaces, Liebig 34, we are still fighting for our remaining endangered projects. 
This loss serves as a poignant reminder that the threat is not only very real, but we could lose more of our projects, spaces, and community hubs any day now. In a matter of hours the homes we have worked in for over 30 years to establish and create are just torn apart.
We invite all our friends from around the world to join us from 30.10 to 01.11 here in Berlin to show these insatiable capitalists that they cannot sell our spacrs out from underneath us without active and intense resistance. 
If you cannot physically join us, please support us by organizing events in your local area. Plan demos or actions, hang banners, host info-talks, spread the word. As always, be creative, be united, and make it loud! 
Starting point for the 31.10 demo:
19.00 Helsingforser Platz close to Warschauer Straße station
In Solidarity, Köpi & Köpiplatz 133-137

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Saturday, 31 October, 2020 - 19:00


  • action/protest/camp
Helsingforser Platz
Helsingforser Platz
10243 Berlin

Squat in Berlin


  • bar/cafe / book shop/info shop/library / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / exhibition / film / food / music/concert / party / theater / work space/diy

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Please look at our website koepi137.net for more details.
Every Wednesday at 20:30 Food not Bombs Soli-VoKü im AGH. (Tuesday VoKü at 20:00 is postponed in the moment)