Open air – Sounima – En plein air

Friday, 30 October

Open air – Sounima – En plein air

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Friday, 30 October, 2020 - 18:00


  • bar/cafe
  • food
  • party
35 Rue Léopold Procureur - Léopold Procureurstraat, Esseghem - Essegem, Jette


Presently squatted

Sanya السانية - whose HQ is an occupation in Jette, is a project of return to the earth, a return to our ancestral traditions, an insertion in nature as an element of this said nature, to respect it, to respect the other organisms/ beings/ elements being part of this nature, to respect its cycles


  • discussion/presentation / food / meeting / work space/diy

Festival of self-managed places in Brussels. The Festival du Coucou Puissant is a willingness of several occupations in Brussels to come together to strengthen the links between spaces. Our inspiration consists in proposing during a fortnight activities that we realize daily in our spaces.


  • action/protest/camp / bar/cafe / course/workshop / exhibition / film / food / meeting / music/concert / theater