Permanences d’autodéfense pour l’accès aux droits

Thursday, 29 October

Legal and administrative self-defense

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We’re a group of volunteers with knowledges and ressources for helping you on several thematics :

  • justice, prison
  • asylum right
  • housing right
  • social rights (CAF, CPAM, AME, …)
  • women and LGBTQI rights

By fulfilling folders, finding associations, structures to help you, or to be in link with social workers/ lawyers, we offer to help you.

All those administrations steps are hard and complicated. The administrations are either overwhelmed or make it even harder. They follow racist governmental orders which try to reduce our social rights. Against that logic, we want to help each other, be less alone, and avoid the administrations traps.

Every thursday from 2.30 to 4.30 pm at La BAF (autonomous social center) 2, chemin des alpins, Grenoble.

La BAF is at the crossroads Stalingrad/Alliés. Bus 1, 13, 16, and 26. Tramway A, Malherbe station at 10 minutes walk.

Contact : + and aja38 (at) riseup (point) net

Date & Time: 

Thursday, 29 October, 2020 - 14:30 to 16:30


  • advice/help/office hours


2 chemin des Alpins


croisement Stalingrad/Alliés. Bus 1, 13, 16, et 26. Tram A arrêt Malherbe à 10 minutes

Nous sommes un lieu associatif, qui se veut convivial et autogéré.

opening times: 

  • Lundi, 16h-20h, Bibliothèque féministe
  • Mardi (2ème du mois) 16h-20h : Les monstrueuses permanences de la bibliothèque féministe
  • Mercredi 18h15-19h15, Yoga
  • Mercredi (1er du mois) 19h-23h : Atelier d’informatique
  • Jeudi 14h30-16h30: Permanences d’autodéfense pour l’accès aux droits
  • Jeudi 17h-19h : Ateliers de français
  • Vendredi (1er du mois) : Soirées jeux
  • Samedi 15h-18h : Permanences de la BAF
  • Dimanche 14h-16h : Atelier autogéré d’Arts Martiaux