Copenhagen Underground Film Festival

Saturday, 21 March

Copenhagen Underground Film Festival

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Copenhagen Underground & Cafe Decentral presents a showcase of the best DIY/truly independent films from around the world with all of the proceeds from the screening going to support an amazing cause. The films come from the "Best of Fest" program from the 2019 Copenhagen Underground Film Festival and features short fiction, documentary and experimental films from around the world that were made with under 1,000 Euros. With no submission fees attached with the festival's submissions, every filmmaker from around the world is able to present their work, regardless of their own economic circumstances. The doors to the event open at 17:00 and the film screening will begin at 17:30. The entry is donation based with all of the funds going to support the Lumen Union.

The Lumen Union is a direct initiative started by Copenhagen Underground which will take donations from events which will directly support the Lumen Union and use those funds to purchase brand new projectors, gaming consoles and speakers for refugee camps in different parts of the world in an effort to create safe cinematic and entertainment spaces for children as well as adults. The first organization the Lumen Union is collaborating with is Salam LADC where next week, we will bring a new Epson Projector, PS4, FIFA 20 and speakers to a community center they operate in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon which supports over 4,400 refugees in the surrounding area. The funds for this event will go toward purchasing another new Epsob projector to transform Yoga & Sports For Refugee's gym space into a cinema in Lesvos, Greece.

DOORS - 17:00
Entry - Donation Based


Chris Chalkan: Dirty Rotten Liars, England, 8:00
A hectic short about a dysfunctional support group of dysfunctional pathological liars which all gets fairly out of hand quickly as its delusional stakes are raised with a great uncertainty

Curtis Essel: Sodom And Gomorah, Ghana/England, 9:44
An intimate documentary which serves as a deep video portrait of the residents of Jamestown where corruption, prostitution, and violence have shaped the lives of the people and the hope which lies outside of this life

Martin Sofiedal: The Wrong Guy, Norway, 5:32
A brilliant dark comedy taking place in the desert of Los Angeles, an assassin struggling to pay rent with ambitions to make it in the city, takes a man hostage on a job who he soon finds out is a potentially valuable contact

Rafiqfuad Yarahmadi: Evan: A Survivor’s Story, Kurdistan/Iraq, 18:50
After fleeing Kurdistan from ISIS as a journalist covering the Peshmarga front lines, this documentary (created and also directed by his translator) shows the difficulties of today’s asylum seeking process and the stress it bears on families who are kept apart by borders and unjust immigration practices

Shafiur Rahman: Rohingya Testimony: No Reason To Hide Our Faces, Bangladesh/England, 9:58
A series of testimonies from young Rohingya girls and women who were sexually assaulted, raped, and brutalized, alongside their families, systematically by the Burmese state as part of its military operation to remove the Rohingya (an ethnic minority native to the area) from the Rakhine state.

Mike: The Deb-t, USA, 4:01
The worst film ever made. Pretty much like The Room, but a short film.

Jasmin Luu: Different Directions, Germany, 5:05
A magnificently executed choreographed dancing short which was joint-favorite at the 1st Copenhagen Underground Film Festival.

Riccardo Cuorleggero: Sea Bream a l'Orange, Italy, 5:21
The fan favorite of this year's Copenhagen Underground Film Festival, a dark comedy about a stoic musician who wishes to practice alone and in peace, and his annoying and persistent neighbor who continues to pester the man for a strange reason."

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Saturday, 21 March, 2020 - 17:00


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