BunkerTalks#3: One night in Chile

Cancelled: Friday, 27 March

BunkerTalks#3: One night in Chile

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For the third series of BunkerTalks, we have a special with Chilean activists! This night will be a journey.
The first part of the night will shed light on the political past that many Chileans lived under dictatorship. We will put special attention on the story of the ‘Hermanos Vergara Toledo’ three brothers assassinated by the Chilean Police Force. This will be done by using a generational approach by giving the word to the older Exil-Chileans.
The second part will give a brief overview of the political situation in Chile today. Additionally, an interactive part will involve the audience to think by themselves and involve them in the thinking process that many Chileans are living now. In times, where the future is insecure and injustice reigns, community needs to be created. And this is what we will do.
The third part of the night will be entirely organised by Chilean Feminists who will show a performance that they prepared especially for this evening and will try to express what is difficult to put in words. During this block, they will shed light on two main topics. Firstly, they will show the importance that the feminist movement had for the Chilean uprising. Secondly, they will talk about the topic of political-sexual violence and show how this is not just happening in Chile but all over the world where a system of oppressive neoliberalism combined with patriarchy reigns.
The aim of these talks will be to inform about the situation in Chile and how this is connected with the ruthless system of neoliberalism.
The evening will be accompanied by various cultural acts. In Chile, culture has always been a way of resisting an oppressive regime. There will be a traditional Chilean dance company, a feminist performance and BAND PLAYING, namely Los sobrinos del tio Tabo!
BUT that is not all! After the official end of the program, we invite you all to have a beer or two with us! There will be an OPEN MICROPHONE where everybody is invited to share their stories, music, poetry or dance. We don’t think this should all be related to Chile. What we hope to create is – again – community between all the visitors and the group that prepared the event.
You feel like sharing your experience of oppression? DO IT!
You feel like playing a dutch rock song on your guitar? DO IT!
You feel like you want to read your poem to us? DO IT!
Besos para todxs! And hope to see you soon.
During the night we do not accept racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, antisemitism or anything there like. If you experience this or feel uncomfortable in any way don’t be afraid to talk to any of the bunker staff.
Entrance: Free as always!
No Pictures!
We open at 8
The talks will begin at 8: 30. (try to be there at 8)
The talks will be in English
You can bring your own food etc.
Sadly the toilets cant be made wheelchair accessible. We did make a ramp to get over the stairs by the entrance let us know if we should put this out
Please bring cash for the donations (Chile)

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Friday, 27 March, 2020 - 20:00 to 23:00
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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