Heavy Bag Training! Wednesday! GERS!

Wednesday, 26 February

Heavy Bag Training! Wednesday! GERS!

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We start with a warming up; Kneelifting, pushups, burpies, abdominal exercises. Then we do the muay thai technics on the heavy bag. Punches, knees, kicks and elbows. We do did in a sequence. And make different combos on the bag. The training is Technical and safe. We finish with a cooling down. The training is for everyone who s, No Macho. The training takes an hour.

For the adress of the dojo, mail to patanjali@riseup.net.




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Wednesday, 26 February, 2020 - 18:30


  • kickboxing


  • by donation


Onder professionele begeleiding worden je technieken op de boxzak geleerd. Eerst een warming up/ rekken, strekken. stoten, trappen, ellebogen, knieen tegen de boxzak. Dan buikspieroefeningen en cooling down. We houden van serieus en hard trainen in een relaxte sfeer. Dus geen machogedoe.


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Every Sunday, 11:00 Kicky Bootcamp Yeah, meeting point at Praxis, Molukkenstraat, Amsterdam Oost