Réunion hebdomadaire du CSM13

Tuesday, 7 July

Réunion hebdomadaire du CSM13

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Every tuesday from 18:30, the CSM13 collective is gathering at el Manba, 8 rue Barbaroux to organize the migrants solidarity and struggles. Join us and participate!
El Manba is a self organized collective against anti-migration and racist politics, which supports person in migration situation. We are not an institution, we don’t distribute tickets for food and we don’t have housing solutions.

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Tuesday, 7 July, 2020 - 18:30 to 21:00


  • meeting


  • sans papiers
  • migrants


Local Al Manba
8 rue Barbaroux
13001 Marseille


métro / tram Réformés

El Manba est un collectif no border né pendant l’été 2015 en réaction au blocage de la frontière franco-italienne, qui lutte contre les oppressions vécues par les personnes exilées, créé initialement par des personnes en situation de migration ainsi que par des personnes solidaires.


  • action/protest/camp / advice/help/office hours / children's activity / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / (free) shop/market / meeting

opening times: 

Monday, 18h-20h, Open for information and juridical help
Tuesday, 18h30-21h, weekly assembly
Thursday, 18h-20h, Open for information and juridical help