Monday, 27 May


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Soned präsentiert La belle verde -=- On the Green Beautiful, a utopian planet much smaller than Earth, during the yearly planetary meeting, Mila, a rather young woman – by the reckoning of her people, at any rate – volunteers to go as a messenger to planet Earth. A substantial theme not mentioned above relates to a proposed solution: how the inhabitants of earth could change their dystopia for a utopia by removing all that causes harm from their life in mass protest. For example, all TV and microwaves are placed in the street.

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Monday, 27 May, 2019 - 20:00


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K19 Café
Kreutzigerstr. 19
10247 Berlin


U-Bhf. Samariterstrasse


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Mo 20:00 SONED-Abend, Weltküche
Do 20:00 Kneipe und Küfa