Report back from Rojava

Sunday, 10 February

Report back from Rojava

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In co-operation with the Barricade, Revolutionaire Eenheid will organise a meeting about our recent solidarity journey to Rojava. Here Vera will talk about the experiences gained from the journey. In this Kurdish territory, a revolution has been going on since 2012 that is entwined in a struggle with (among others) the Turkish state and the Islamic fascists of ISIS/DAESH.

Rojava is a contemporary example of revolutionary unity between socialists, communists and anarchists against fascism.

Join us, and learm more about the role of Kurdish oppression and the essential role of women in this revolution. During this meeting there is space to ask questions, and the speaker will delve into the question of how we in the Netherlands can learn from the fight in Rojava.

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Sunday, 10 February, 2019 - 17:30


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