Saturday 19 January


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Cummunist Manifisto Szenische Lesung
Dramatic reading with Veronika Kracher, Daniel Degeest and loads of schnaps! -=- We write the days of 1864, and mankind is trembling under the shackles of capitalist oppression. Therefore, the bravest and most progressive minds of the time assembled themselves under the First Internationale to discuss possible alternatives. Among those men is a certain Karl Marx.
There are many differences between Marx and his fellow comrades Mikhail Bakunin, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Louis-Auguste Blanqui and Guiseppe Garibaldi, but they learn to deal with them in unexpected ways. So let's seize the means of seduction with Veronika Kracher, Daniel Degeest and a sexy soviet surprise. This revolutionary dream team has managed to put the highly praised short story "The cummunist manifisto", written by mysterious author Simone de Baise-Moi live on stage. An anarcho-communist association of the sensual kind. Expect: Sex! Dialectic Materialism! Live Soundeffects! Commie puns galore! And even more sex!
The event will be in English and is not suited for minors.

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Saturday, 19 January, 2019 - 20:00


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