New York City Anarchist Book Fair

New York City Anarchist Book Fair

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The NYC Anarchist Book Fair was founded in 2007 and welcomes anarchists who want to bring their energy, creativity, and political passion to help make future book fairs a success. We are committed to practicing an open and transparent process and building as diverse a collective as possible, representing the breadth of New York's anarchist community. We especially welcome women, LBGTQ, and people of color to join us in planning, organizing, and running the book fair.
Anarchism is about building community in a free nonhierarchical, radically democratic setting; this is our project as well. But we recognize this is not possible when people feel threatened or marginalized. We are therefore committed to making the collective a safe space in which communication and decision-making are conducted in a respectful, inclusive, collaborative manner. While we welcome debate and disagreement, we do not tolerate conduct that is threatening, intimidating, or disruptive or that makes members of the collective or volunteers feel marginalized or physically uncomfortable.


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Saturday, 21 September

La Plaza Community Garden, East 9th Street & Avenue C, New York

NYC Anarchist Bookfair 2024

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