Mutuelle MTPGB Féministe

Mutuelle MTPGB Féministe

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What is this Feminist Women Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Mutual Marseille  ?
It’s a mutual to share money, as to say a group within which we share money between us
For who is this mutual  ?
For women,trans, fags, dykes, bi people
Are there any money prerequisites  ?
There are no prerequisites.
You have lots of incomes or not at all ?
You’ve inherited and you’re asking yourself what to do with your money ?
You have end of month money difficulties ?
You have a good job and money left at the end of the month that you would like to share ?
Don’t hesitate to come.

If you are interested in this project, if you’ve already heard about it and you have questions, if you’ve never heard about it, you are welcome on.


  • advice/help/office hours
  • discussion/presentation
  • meeting

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