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Occupied anarchist space La Emboscada - On January 29, 2019 a building was reoccupied in the Tetuán neighborhood that had already been part of us for 10 years, either being the home of many anarchist comrades over time or giving life to our projects, both in housing and in the formerly called Centro Autogestionado Libre de Drogas Okupado (CALDO) Vegano. When it returned to the owner's hands, it was completely emptied and walled up, ready for demolition.
However, today the space is open again to continue being part of the history of the anarchist struggle and of the neighborhood, after three months of work to fix it. On Tuesday 23 April we will hold the opening day to present the project to all those who want to know about it and we will open a debate on the occasion of the elections that will take place in the following weeks.
One of the reasons for opening this space was simply the rage and sadness of seeing it walled up in our neighborhood after years of being part of our lives in some way. But also, we felt some needs to which we had the illusion of being able to respond by creating this project. We felt that after the repression, the institutional flight and the recuperation efforts of some parties, anarchism was suffering from its low moments, so we saw clearly the moment to try to recompose ourselves, to settle bases, to debate, to project... We believe that it is necessary to give more meeting spaces in which to forge affinities and to settle groups and projects, and to give place to debates in which we can deepen within some concrete ideas to be able to analyze our context and to aim at the struggles that have more sense.
This is why one of the things we see as most important is that it is a comfortable place to come to the meeting and exchange. We want to escape from the dynamics of this toxic city where sometimes it seems that we only move with urgency, commitment and overwhelm. We want what we believe here to come out of the illusion and to look for things that we really believe in and that motivate us. That is why there must always be room for questioning and the debate will be continuous.
Encouraging the search for affinities and deep debate also makes us bet on a project with a markedly anarchist character. We do not intend to generate a space that prioritizes the neighborhood and the needs of its neighbors, since it arises, above all, from our own needs. We are also fortunate to have another space of a more open and heterogeneous nature at a short distance, with which we consider we have a good relationship and with which we seek to complement each other. We want to connect with the neighborhood looking for the needs and conflicts that we share with this reality; the problem of housing, police presence, gentrification, the rise of fascism ... We open our doors with a desire to face all these problems that are experienced daily in Tetouan, and our meeting with the inhabitants of Tetouan will be based on a shared analysis of these and a desire to address them together.
In addition, we want to prioritize promoting the connections we have with comrades beyond Madrid, either in other cities of Spain, or in other countries. To this end, we want to try to exchange propaganda and material with people from other places, in the same way that we have decided to set up a space to welcome companions who come to attend events, or simply to get to know projects and weave networks in Madrid.


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La Emboscada
Calle de las Azucenas 67 - Tetuán
28039 Madrid


Metro Valdeacederas. Bus 11, 177, 49, 66, 124


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