squat rue du Docteur Bonhomme

squat rue du Docteur Bonhomme

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The occupation of the building located at 19 rue du Docteur Bonhomme is made public on Monday, April 22, 2024. Residents and supporters of the Casse-Dalle squat, at 221 rue de Créqui, threatened by the Metropolis of Lyon with imminent eviction without rehousing, are currently discreetly occupying 19 rue du Docteur Bonhomme.
May 3, 2024, eviction from the squat. The cops justified the eviction of the squat by the procedure of formal notice to leave the premises within 7 days which had been launched on April 25. This order had however been the subject of an appeal to the administrative court and a request for summary proceedings on Monday, April 29, following which the court set a hearing for May 14, of which the prefecture had been informed.
May 7, 2024, residents again occupy 19 rue du Docteur Bonhomme, to the surprise of the security guards who were supposed to monitor the building 24 hours a day. The building was evicted a second time. The five arrested were released without prosecution after 24 hours in police custody, only without further action, without having given papers or accepted fingerprinting!


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19 rue du Docteur Bonhomme


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