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Laboratoire Ouvert Lyonnais

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The Laboratoire Ouvert Lyonnais (LOL) (Lyon Open Laboratory) is a hackerspace in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France.

In early January 2011, a member of the LOG (Grenoble Open Laboratory), a pair of people involved in the Lyon community, and a sprinkling of persons from different technological (bearded informaticians) and artistic (hot hot hot, the flames at the Friche RVI) backgrounds came together at an apéro to see if they wanted to do things together. The answer was yes, letting just to see how. The LOL was launched.

The LOL brings together enthusiasts of all kinds of hacks. Electronics, informatics, mechanics, chemistry, digital art, experimental cooking, etc. : each brings its expertise and curiosity in a playful blend of creative, craft and diversion of diversion of any kind. You have a project to share? This is an opportunity to present it, and perhaps to find new contributors.

One of LOL's vocations is to provide its members a place to host their projects and to organize public presentations. It is also open to the outside world through partnerships with institutional, activities or participation in events.

Another LOL's objective is to share knowledge, and to help the public to retake technologies. Our life is filled with machines more or less intelligent. If managing one isn't a problem, predicting what will happen when several machines work together is much trickier, especially if a human is in the middle.

The LOL is an offshoot of the worldwide hackerspace/hacklab movement and wants to conceive itself as open for trade and collaboration with other groups.

In april 2011, the LOL joined the Petits Débrouillards de Lyon.

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Tous les mardis à partir de 19h30


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Laboratoire ouvert lyonnais
7, place Louis-Chazette
69001 Lyon
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