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On September 11, 2019, the Lyon Metropolis called in the forces of law and order to evacuate the Amphi Z squat in Cusset, Villeurbanne, leaving all 200 inhabitants homeless. They deliberately chose to put people out on the street without offering to rehouse them. The inhabitants had no other solution than to open new squats to protect themselves. This is why we moved into the building of the former MPC (Medico Psychological Center) in Caluire, which is now disused. We are about forty adults and children who have found refuge there with the help of a support group. On the occasion of the International Migrants Day, this Wednesday, December 18, 2019, we call you to gather in front of the new squat "Duracuire" (Durs à Cuire - hard to cook) to share a moment of solidarity.

Yet the law provides that all these people are housed by the Prefecture or the Metropolis. The opening of squats attest it, many places are available. Solutions exist and could be legally implemented without delay, such as the provision of vacant places (provided for by the Elan law) already used in other cities, including Toulouse.

We ask the Prefecture and the Metropolis to open the vacant buildings to all homeless people. In the Metropolis, 21,000 housing units have been vacant for years, but elected officials have voted a budget of 1.8 million euros for surveillance to prohibit access to them by the homeless.

Tens of thousands of women, men and children have died and are still dying on the migration routes, victims of the borders and anti-migration policies of the governments of the richest countries of the world and their accomplices. For years, France has been constantly tightening admission conditions and degrading the very means of survival. On December 18, at the call of numerous associations throughout France, demonstrations were held to obtain the regularization of all undocumented migrants and equal rights.

The struggles for dignity, for freedom of movement and settlement, for the right to housing, to education, to a decent wage, are struggles common to all.

For decent housing for all!
Unconditional regularization of all undocumented migrants!
Let's squat empty buildings!


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60 Rue Pasteur, Caluire-et-Cuire


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