Touchpaper Anarchist Library

Touchpaper Anarchist Library

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Touchpaper is an anarchist library in South London. Only the best in subversive publications from around the world, with distro publications for contribution, library books which can be borrowed with a small deposit, and an extensive archive of anarchist ideas put onto paper.

"...An anarchist library is an instrument in th[e] ongoing conflict with all authority or it is nothing. The stories, reflections, analysis, the encouragement and scorn which fill the pages of anarchist publications of the past and present contain an inner explosivity which propels us into the elsewhere, to banish the misery of opinion and chatter and confront reality on our terms: the terms of rebellion.

Written, printed, distributed, read and debated from the long past to this very moment, on an anti-political trajectory away from all fixed forms, the unquiet storm of subversive ideas put onto paper is the discourse of rebels, and – so as to continue to not to be offered up as spectacle for the academy or media – these tools forged in fire must continue to carve out their own time and space against this world.

From under the glitter and glare of London, the prison city, this anarchist library now humbly stands. Not a shop, nor a radical ‘space’, nor the organ of some organisation or other, Touchpaper is a small contribution towards a place for the encounter, for eye-to-eye discussion and for pushing outwards against the grain..."

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The Library is open at the following times every week:

Tuesday  4pm- 9pm
Sunday  2pm-7pm


  • book shop/info shop/library


Touchpaper Anarchist Library
385 Queens Road, New Cross
SE14 5HD
United Kingdom


New Cross Gate railway station

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