Space Pirates

Space Pirates

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Arrrgh so ya heeds the noble call and fancies yerself as a Space Pirate does ye?

Let's see 'bout that…

Just be warned – ‘afore ye jump aboard tho’ yerl need yer sea legs..

Now don’ go sayin yer ain’t been warned ‘cos ere’s 'nother warning fer yer beady eyes:



Right now they be the laws of the land. But not for long me hearty, not for long! Shh, listen to that sound! Do you hear the wind whistling through the rigging?

Thar be change a-comin.

See ye olde tattered legal warning nailed t'th' mast? 'll be floating down t' Davey' Locker in a blink o' an eye.

But fear not! They ain’t gonna be abolishing private property… Not any time soon me hearties!

So squatting’s ere to stay – sure as day is day.

Arrrrrrr ghggggg ggrgr grgrrrrhhh hhhhhhhh gggggg hhhh so it is so it is ah ha!!

Listen in close: Now Cyborg's shown me 'ese 'ere newfangled Radar n a few other gizmos, the sails are set! Onwards me hearties! Navigating these deserted islands gona be a doddle.

‘an besides I’ve kept me ol’ TREASURE MAP as keepsake.

So arrgh lets see about those sea legs of yours…

Ahha! – so ere’s yer cleaned up ideas chest. You been working on some real gems in there! Yerl soon be ready for the voyage.

Oh pirate matey! We’re gonna get some good habits into you!

That gem of an idea won’t be gathering any more dust! Arrr its good to have you here! You’ll catch up with the rest of the crew on our quests and challenges soon enough!

I can feel we’re gonna get real tight close together on this one! Yaaar... a couple words 'bout that fer now: consent and accountability.

That'll be the first thing Cyborg'll talk to about... Sure you'll have some more gems to share yerself.

But first let's be telling yer 'bit more 'bout these deserted islands...

Where are the isles? The isles are in the belly of the beast, they are in the heartless centre, they are right in the middle of the metropolis.

Why are they there? They are there because that’s where the robber barons keep all thier money.

Why should we go there? Because once we’re there its easy fer all our other pirate friends to reach us.. an lemme arrrsk: a ye erd th' legends o' the lost isles o' Christiana 'n Rivoli? An' the tale o' Das Gangenveirtrl That's where we're going me hearties to those islands of paradise, an o'course along the way, to cause those robber barons as much trouble as we can! Arrrgh!

Won’t they be angry? Ayyyye the'll be a wee bit angree! And this is where we’ll get ’em You see, most of 'ese robber barons ha' forgotten t' pay Poor Queen Bess 'er taxes, so when they come looking for us, guess who's red tape we’ll have ready to tie 'em up with!

How will we get there? In a word: together!

In more that one word?? Arrr ok.. I won’t be giving too much away about exactly how... I told yer fer now there's this 'ere Radar group. In the meantime arrsk yerself: "Whad'yer stand for?" Arrrrgh! ok don't twist me crooked arm... 'eres a few gangs, you can join em, if 'ey invite yer t'join a challenge - go with them! Be ye a cook or a map reader? An ambusheer or a boatbuilder? An all rounder? A musician? A scout? Whoever you are, there’s room aboard if yer willing t'learn and share what yer know. One last thing 'afore ye go - always remember what you love most.

So pirate you’re really interested uh? Well sign up fer yer first training and yer can set to work on polishing that gem of an idea and find yer some pirate gangs.



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