London Squat Events

London Squat Events

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*A group for anyone to post their events to - if an event appears on here it is not hosted by any group called London Squat Events*

Because squats in the UK get evicted so quickly, it is difficult to build the sort of longevity or structure that other cultural squats across Europe benefit from. Yet there are many people who have been living this way for years. Because of the speed with which squats are evicted, and with London particularly being a very transient city for a lot of people, crews also very rarely remain together in one single format, with people fluidly moving between crews. The notion of a permanent squat crew then is less of a thing and to create a group for every iteration of a crew seems complicated.

Due to this, is not really used by squats in London, or in the UK, and that's a shame, as it's a really useful resource. Hopefully this can start to change that.

The idea for this group then is for squatters to be able to create a user on, head over to this group, and from there they can post up the details of any events taking place at their squat, and just add the details accordingly.


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