The Field

The Field

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The Field exists:

To be a base for groups who work to address oppression & injustice, or to create alternative political/economic systems & environmental justice.

To experiment with self organisation, common ownership, local and non-commercial exchange.

To develop and foster a culture and practices that counter precarity & poverty through mutual aid, solidarity and direct action.

To develop and sustain practices that would counter gentrification and affirm the right to stay in New Cross with little or no financial resources.

To develop a community of people who work together on common projects and take responsibility for sharing the work of maintaining the space.

Field is co-operatively run community space in New Cross, South East London.

The building is a resource that is available to use for free.

All those who regularly use The Field also manage, maintain and fund it.

Decisions about who can use the space regularly, and for what, are made by all involved at monthly, open meetings.

There are few rules about who can use The Field and for what, but priority will be given to groups, projects or events which:

  • have a connection to the area
  • do not have access to other resources
  • are unfunded/independent
  • are led by and for groups facing oppression or injustice (because of race, class, gender, ability, etc.)

If you are already part of a group, or already have an idea for using the space, go to the ‘Using The Field‘ page for more information and to see how to make a booking.

If you want to see something happen at The Field, but need help to realise the idea, you can come to an open meeting – on the third Monday of every month, 7-9pm – this is the place where new and existing members can meet each other, share updates about what they are doing, find help & support from each other, and make new projects happen.

opening times: 

open meeting – on the third Monday of every month, 7-9pm


  • bar/cafe
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • film
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • meeting


The Field
385 Queens Road, New Cross
SE14 5HD
United Kingdom


New Cross Gate railway station

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