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The Cira Limousin (International Centre for Research on Anarchism of Limousin) was created in 2008 on the initiative of a few utopians, around Gilbert Roth. The Cira Limousin had organised a first symposium at the Château de Ligoure "Living Anarchy", which was a great success. A book was printed from it at the Atelier de création libertaire. Since 2016, the Cira Limousin has had a premises, 64, avenue de la Révolution, near the Limoges City Hall, guarantor of the memory of anarchists. The EAGR (Espace associatif Gilbert Roth) was set up on 30 April 2016 to animate this emancipatory place. The Cira Limousin intends to operate in good harmony with the Cira of Lausanne and Marseille (from which it is equidistant), as well as with all the existing libertarian documentation centers in France and in the world.
The castle of Ligoure, dating from the nineteenth century, was built on the initiative of Frédéric Le Play, one of the fathers of the social and solidarity economy and an engineer who had been able to save money. Since the mid-1970s, it has been managed and maintained by a friendly association, which makes it available to other groups, including the Cira Limousin, which organizes its Librairie champêtre libertaire, the anarchist book fair there.


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Espace associatif Gilbert Roth (EAGR)
58, rue du Chinchauvaud
87100 Limoges
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