Ntougrou squat Κατάληψη Ντουγρού

Ntougrou squat Κατάληψη Ντουγρού

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On 9/5/2015, an occupation of an abandoned building took place on the corner of Asclepiou and Economou ex Economou Street in Larissa, Greece. It was just 30 hours later, when Larissa’s police special forces forcibly evacuated the building. We are neither overawed nor complied. Especially today, our imperative priorities are more up to the time than they ever were!

We live in a period of time, where auctions on indebted main residence and power outrages form our reality. We do not intend to let any house in the hands of bankers.


We had an ‘appointment’ in abandoned buildings and here we are.

We refuse to pay in order to live. So, on 29/11 we reattempt to give life to an empty space (or vacant house), in another abandoned building at 52 Tzavela Street. We decided to turn this building into an open, public, social space. We don’t intend to sit tight and watch another building getting “rotten”. We are here to devote time, to work with collective enthusiasm and collaborative efforts, without any financial profit.

This building belongs to the Public Retirement Home of Larissa since 2011. The decedent owner donated it to the Retirement Home, along with many other real estates, plus 2 million euros. But, we don’t care about the ownership of this place, nor about any ownership in general. It’s just the communal use that we care about. This house was remaining one of many abandoned houses for years…waiting for us to liberate it!

We are unemployed people, students and workers, people of next door, your neighbors. We are another group of people, victims who face the reality of the society of money, of hierarchical structures and of the authoritarianism of the capitalistic system. Against all these and instead of complacency with the promises from those in power, instead of waiting for something to be changed, instead of voting or going depressed, we decided to take our lives in our hands, to occupy this empty place and shelter our needs and our dreams.

We live and act within the context of social auto-management and believe in equality and solidarity. We are here to collectively auto-organize our lives and concerns, whatever they may be, social, political or artistic. We will become a barrier to any racist, fascist, sexist and/or homophobic.


We refuse to pay a single penny for any public good. Education, health, water, electricity, housing and transportation are not goods to pay for, they are necessities and no one should be deprived of them. In this house we want to organize collectively social projects, popular assemblies and collectivities. All repressed people of this society belong here. Let’s auto- define our lives, in order to define our own path of resistance.

The most important concept in order to keep in life this squat is the house assembly, where the term of delegation does not exist. In the context of mutual respect, we build comradeships and we decide collectively. With the perspective to link, and further, to support any sociopolitical struggle and to show our factual solidarity, we try to form more self-organized structures, more places for interaction, such as this occupation, spaces for common struggles, both locals and migrants, against the destruction of nature, against gender oppression, against imposition of patriarchal norms, against every form of prison and against the imprisoned society itself.

We strive to contribute to the constant struggle against those who oppress and depress us. We fight for neighborhoods full of freedom and solidarity!




opening times: 

Every monday at 20:00 Open Assembly of Anarchists Larissa


  • action/protest/camp
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • film
  • food
  • meeting
  • work space/diy


Ntougrou.squat Κατάληψη Ντουγρού
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