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The Maravillas is a gaztetxe located since September 3, 2017 in the Palace of the Marquis of Rozalejo, in the center of Pamplona. On August 17, 2018, it was evicted by the Policía Foral and the National Police but members of the collective reoccupied it the same day.
On December 2, 2017, at the official inauguration of the gaztetxe in the old quarter of Pamplona, it was made known that the name of this center would be Maravillas in honor of Maravillas Lamberto, one of the victims of the Civil War in Navarre when she had barely turned fourteen years old. At the inauguration ceremony in which the name was made public, Maravillas' sister, Josefina, participated and thanked the dedication, understanding that historical memory is necessary so that the crimes committed in the past are not forgotten.
Through the auzolanes - or work days - the youth and neighborhood groups turned the space into a social center. The different rooms of the palace became a social dining room, a tavern, a library, a classroom where Basque classes are taught or a solidarity food bank.
In July 2018 the Navarre government of Geroa Bai, led by Uxue Barkos, requested the eviction of Maravillas as a precautionary measure through the Heritage Service claiming that in the building had to go the Institute of Historical Memory. This caused tension between the party and EH Bildu, its government partners, who strongly criticized the decision and put in value the work of the gaztetxe within the associative fabric of the old town of Pamplona.
Under the threat of imminent eviction, the gaztetxe stated in a communiqué that they were open to dialogue, and that they would reopen the doors, as well as calling for a demonstration of support on August 25. Finally, in the early morning of August 17, the Policía Foral and the Policía Nacional evicted the building, in what would be a day of intense police charges that would end with 22 people identified. The same night, the palace would be reoccupied by members of the collective.
The reactions of the political parties were very diverse: on the one hand, the Popular Party of Navarre, the Socialist Party of Navarre and the Union of the People of Navarre celebrated the eviction, rejoicing that an end had been put to an occupation that they considered illegal and congratulating the police for their good performance. For its part, Podemos de Navarra wished that the building would end up being used for a social project and Geroa Bai justified the eviction by claiming that it had been done following court orders. Finally, the Sortu, EH Bildu and Orain Bai parties denounced the eviction and the violent police action.


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Maravillas Gaztetxea
Nabarreria kalea 17
31001 Iruñea


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