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Originally squatted in 2013 and since legalized Squat Makamik was an anarchist and antiauthoritarian social center and space for free art. Makamik’s organizing was based on anticapitalism and safer space principles. The house was destroyed in a fire in suspicious circumstances after a long harassement campaign by the far-right in late winter 2023 but the collective that was running the house continues unbroken, still organizing communal events and fighting for a more humane world. Makamik organizes many kinds of events such as peoples kitchens, gigs, workshops, cross-disciplinary art, parties, movie nights and exhibitions.

Principles of Makamik:

  • no authoritarian symbols (for example: swastika, hammer and sickle, finnish lion, national flags, insignia of parties or their youth departments etc.)
  • don't take photos of people without their permission
  • respect other people's physical and emotional space
  • don't make disturbing comments on others body or looks
  • no discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism etc.)
  • don't presume or make generalizations (about peoples background, gender, sexuality, life situation etc.)
  • clean up after yourself

If you notice or face anything that feels difficult at Makamik's events we wish that the organizers would be told with a very low threshold.


  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • exhibition
  • film
  • food
  • (free) shop/market
  • meeting
  • music/concert
  • party
  • theater


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