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Gatorna (”The Streets”) is an anti-authoritarian self-organized media project, which aims to inform and inspire! The site broadcasts information from different class struggles and rebellions as well as encourages revolutionary actions and revolt. Gatorna is not a place for information/news produced by mainstream media, political parties, reformist unions and similar organizations. Gatorna does not compromise with power structures but gives space to non-hierarchical spreading of information and discussions directly from the streets to the streets. Gatorna strives to spread grassroots information in a non-hierarchical way without supporting the construction of ideological dogmas and reflects a multitude of perspectives and experiences. This project is spun out of the idea that we, the radical social movements, to an all greater degree have been getting our information from bourgeoisie press rather than from our own infrastructures. That means that someone else sets the agenda for us and that our own autonomous projects do not become “real” if they do not get any publicity in the bourgeois "public" sphere. It is an impossible situation for a movement whose goals are directly opposed to the interests of the owning class.

Gatorna gives a voice to social actors who are affected or will be affected by changes in capitalism and the exploitative relationships that are developed and maintained by this system. The site supports radical projects and covers different actions and texts from anarchist, anti-authoritarian, autonomous and antifascist groups; from base syndicates and social centers, squats and so on. Moreover, Gatorna republishes texts and news about events, strikes, solidarity actions, activism, direct action, communiques and propaganda material for political actions as well as flyers, campaigns, analysis, and so on. Gatorna is also a forum for discussion and exchange of tactics, strategy and analysis. Important to know is that Gatorna only provides the possibility to spread information. Those who actually create information and news are Gatorna's own users/readers as well as radical political groups that publish texts and events. All interactions among the readers of Gatorna, the admin collective and all others involved are defined by anti-authoritarian, antifascists, anti-sexist principles and are built on political solidarity, internationalism and feminism.

Counterinformation creates a dialogue and gives possibility to speak to any political subject or collective that is fighting against the economic and political elite. Gatorna tries, above all, to create a direct and continuous information flow regarding both the activities of radical social movements but also the attacks of repressive structures (such as the state, capital, patriarchy, fascists) against the working class and all those who oppose power. Gatorna's goal is to spread political consciousness, to internationalize and support self-organization and to coordinate social groups against apathy and depression. To use counterinformation as a method to cover the protests and mass struggles against repressive mechanisms is not just a reflex but a necessity. The idea and practice of working with counterinformation cannot be separated from a subversive political project. At the same time as the relationship between radical actions and counterinformation becomes stronger, we move closer to our goal; the social revolution, which is something different, something much deeper and more radical than a sudden revolt, which can easily be tamed. Counterinformation is part of a project that together with action supports individual and collective liberation.

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