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A Fantastic Feminist Festival

The F Word: A Fantastic Feminist Festival Mission Statement:

Hear, hear! This September join us at The F Word: A Fantastic Feminist Festival held in Amsterdam. Expect three days of feminist activism, workshops, music, food, films, arts and funs. From consent issues and sexual health, to welding and bike fixing, the F Word aims to to spread information, share skills and be empowering.

We hope the festival will act as a catalyst for people to get more involved with feminist issues. It´s a great place to meet people, get involved, have fun and fill your brain with new ideas.

Feminism is about equality, thus, the F Word is for everyone. Women/trans/queer/men/people welcome!

All workshops are FREE :)

But why?

Why, you ask? There are those that seem to think feminism is redundant since women have the vote and (legally) equal pay. Women’s rights have come a long way since the days of chastity belts and being burnt at the stake, but it is not only denial, but pure delusion to attempt to say that patriarchy is no longer a problem. We want to be seen and treated as equals, and with respect, in all aspects of our lives. This goes from the way people interact with each other to the value put on our skills and work. From how women in bands are received, to our sex lives.  From what roles we choose to assume to the choice of what we wear and how we use our bodies.

If you really have to ask why, then come to the festival and find out.


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