Van sistema DIY fest

Friday, 5 October to Sunday, 7 October

Van sistema DIY fest

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It's been a while since school began and we can bet most of you are already waiting for it to end. Back in BEK, there are no such wishes. We only wish for growth, continuous learning, new experiences accompanied by friends and each own's good will, outside of institutions and structures of the evil system. We dare you to say to us one more time that we have to become more serious, settle down, get a job, that this kind of life isn't sustainable and that everything must be organised under the watchful eyes of establishments, non-governmental institutions and other tamers of the DIY culture. Our little sect doesn't want to hear anything about it! That's why - on the 5th and 6th of October we are making a party that won't be all about rampaging during a gig (although that's also a praiseworthy engagement), but also about sharing different experiences and having a conversation about fanzines, squatting, working with refugees and always current sexism in punk. The programme:


17:00 – Discussion and pleasant teasing with young zine-makers, demonstration of the ZINZIN project/library in Rijeka + a zine workshop where people will be able to design a template of BEK's first fanzine that will contain diverse squatter texts

from 21:00 – a sludge-punk treat:

SPEWN (Skopje)



16:00 – our Petra will familiarise us with what it means to work with refugees and what is required for participating and staying at refugee camps

17:30 – Dunja Kučinac will present a text she wrote under the programme of the Centre for Women's Studies called „Feminism and lies about big punk fellowship“ in which she reviewed and analysed three last-year events, or rather discussions about sexism in the local punk scene. There will also be an open discussion concerning this forever relevant topic. GRRRR, come and discuss with us angry feminists!

19:00 – Our colleague squatter Damir Batarelo will have a presentation about squatting in Croatia, as well as about the squatting scene, its history and context. After his presentation, there will be an open-table discussion so – squatters of the world unite! Come and let us emerge in sharing experiences and let’s talk about the foundations of the squatter solidarity network not only in this area, but wider.

From 21:00 – after all the being smart, it's time for some music!

PAKT (Koper/Ljubljana)

HAG (Malmö)

NAILED IN (Zagreb)

Both days will be filled with vegan food, table tennis, Black Masses, after parties, DIY tittle-tattles, initiation rituals, distributions, fanzines, punk geeks, correction exams, etc. DONATIONS ONLY!!!! (A)

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Friday, 5 October, 2018 - 17:00 to Sunday, 7 October, 2018 - 02:00

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BEK is a collective and a community center based in Zagreb, Croatia emerged from the local Food not Bombs group, aiming to build a local platform accessible to everyone independent of their financial means.


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