Najcięższy wieczór postoju. Muerto, Stoom, Frost Temple, Neaghi

Sunday, 8 October

The hardest night of the stop – Muerto/Stoom/Frost Temple/Neaghi – METAL, SLUDGE, BLACK, POST

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This will be the toughest evening at the stopover, we haven’t played so hard before. From Mexico we are hosting two bands. Post black metal Muerto fresh off the release of a great album, along with Sludg Stoom. The Mexicans have invited two local projects to play together, Death metal Neaghi from Wroclaw and Frost Temple from Zielona Gora. Such heavy metal playing will be something new for Stoom, but we like to do new things and open up our space. It will be a dark, dark, heavy evening!

Muerto (post-black metal, Mexico)
The piercing screams of Penelope Matamoros, the apocalyptic percussion of Eddel Jared, the overwhelming bass of Hugo Alvarez and the hazy guitar of Juan Mondragon.
Together, the four artists from San Juan Del Río, Mexico, create more than just music. They create an experience that takes us on a journey through the darkest corners of the human psyche, depicting deep feelings of fear, loss and triumph.
Facebook: muertoband

Stoom (stoner/sludge/doom, Mexico)
Stoom from Santiago De Querétaro, Mexico, is the quintessence of heaviness and mesmerizing melancholy that echoes in the dark corners of our souls.
Each song is a journey into the depths of the unknown, where time slows down and reality becomes only a vague memory.
Facebook: Stoomband

Neaghi (trash metal, Wrocław)
Neaghi is not just another band on the metal scene. They are a collective of experienced musicians who, with their dedication and passion for music, have made a name for themselves both in clubs and at major festivals. Although their roots are firmly planted in thrash and death metal, progressive metal influences can also be heard in their sound. This unique blend results in both raw energy and complex song structure.
Facebook: neaghi

Frost Temple (death metal, Zielona Góra)
This growl burns the throat. Screams, smoke and pounding harsh riffs and drums.
Facebook: FrostTempleOfficial

We suggest a contribution of PLN 40 (Remember you can pay more or less)

A grassroots social and cultural center Stop.
Wrocław Ul. Metalowców 59b

A space that is safe and free of alcohol and drugs.

As usual we will feed and water you, there will be distras too!

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Sunday, 8 October, 2023 - 19:30


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  • music/concert
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~40 PLN
Metalowców 59b
54-156 Wrocław

Grassroots Socio-Cultural Center "Postój" is a free space filled with grassroots art, culture and social activities. Located in a former railroad house in Wroclaw.


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