Demokratyczny konfederalizm i kultura Kurdyjska

Saturday, 1 July

Democratic Confederalism and Kurdish Culture

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Democratic Confederalism and Kurdish Culture
Film, stories, dance, learning and relaxation. Vol.2

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Wroclaw film premiere: Kobanê (2022, Rojava)
Concert of Kurdish artists
Learning to dance and dancing together
Stories about the revolution and Kurdish fairy tales by the fireplace
Kurdish cuisine

Kobanê (2022, Rožawa)
2h38 Production: Rożawa, Rożawa film commune.
Language: Kurmanji + Polish and English subtitles
Kobanê is a Kurdish war film about the Siege of Kobanî fought from October 2014 to January 2015 between the Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) against the Islamic State. The film is directed by Özlem Yasar and produced by the Rojava Film Commune. It was shot in Al-Thawrah and Tebqa in Syria. The film focuses on the role of Kurdish women in the fighting.
The film premiered in the city of Kobanê at the Cultural Centre on 20 September 2022.
The film follows the life of Zohra, a 32 year old YPJ fighter who becomes the commander of her unit when the commander in-charge flees the battle field. She leads the Kurdish forces to break the siege of Kobane and liberate the city in spite of the ISIS having stronger numbers and heavier weapons.

Kurdish artists’ concert: More information soon!

Learning a dance and dancing together:
We will learn a traditional dance together and later dance to the music associated with the Rożava.

Tales of the revolution and Kurdish tales around the campfire:
Let’s all sit around the campfire and tell each other what we have learned, what we think and feel about the Kurdish Revolution, what is important to us. Later, let’s relax by reading Kurdish children’s tales to each other.

Kurdish cuisine:
Let’s prepare regional dishes to the best of our ability, you can also bring some food yourself. Be prepared for plenty of tea, too.

Grassroots socio-cultural center Postój.
16:00 Saturday 01.07.2023
Wrocław Ul. Metalowców 59b
A space that is safe and free of alcohol and drugs.

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Saturday, 1 July, 2023 - 16:00


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Metalowców 59b
54-156 Wrocław

Oddolne Centrum Społeczno Kulturalne "Postój" to wolna przestrzeń wypełniona oddolną sztuką, kulturą i działaniami społecznymi, mieszcząca się w byłym domu kolejowym we Wrocławiu.


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