Sad day vol.2 Concert: Trujące Kwiaty/Long time no talk/Nim nadejdzie jesień

Friday, 26 May

Sad day vol.2 Concert: Trujące Kwiaty/Long time no talk/Nim nadejdzie jesień

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Sad Day vol.2 Concert: Trujące Kwiaty/Long time no talk/Nim nadejdzie jesień

The day before the emo fest @ organised by "Daleko od domu" booking, we are doing sad day vol.2 and thus creating the most emotional weekend in the world (probably). Like the previous one, there will be art, short sad films and amazing music! And although everyone will be sad, certainly no one will be hungry or thirsty. In sadness you will find peace, support and hope! You will also be able to take your sorrows with you, because Trujące Kwiaty and Long Time No Talk will be promoting their new albums!

The shouts will be:
TRUJĄCE KWIATY [Maków Mazowiecki]
"it gets in your head and boogies my pipe", "that kind of radiohead vibe", "it's kox", "I hate music" are just some of the statements describing the expressionistic sound of Poison Flowers. the duo formed in Maków Mazowiecki plays lo-fi emo for lo-fi people. recording in a room, feeling sorry for themselves, rumbling and light guitars

Mixed line-up from Wrocław/Warsaw, we play screamo. It's noisy, but we swear we're nice, sometimes we even play ear-pleasing tunes. We've got a strong groove, but after the gig the vocalist gets everyone riled up, come stomp with us.
To quote the guitarist:
"Tremolo picking is the taste of ambrosia, come on.
This music makes the heart beat harder
More and more, there is none truer than it
Screamo rules, and beanie hats are no stranger to anyone"

Music from a car commercial, but such a nice guitar and general chill, although they do roar occasionally.

FILMS: (we are still thinking about it)

ART: We'll be doing some super art together outside, details closer to the event! (Look for scribbles from old notebooks).

We suggest a contribution of 30 PLN (Remember you can pay more or less)
Grassroots social and cultural centre "Postój"
Wrocław, street Metalowców 59b
A space that is safe and free from alcohol and drugs.

Date & Time: 

Friday, 26 May, 2023 - 18:00


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Metalowców 59b
54-156 Wrocław

Oddolne Centrum Społeczno Kulturalne "Postój" to wolna przestrzeń wypełniona oddolną sztuką, kulturą i działaniami społecznymi, mieszcząca się w byłym domu kolejowym we Wrocławiu.


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