#BildungBrennt: Kundgebung - Graz

Tuesday, 12 January

#BildungBrennt / education is burning Manifestation - Graz

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Mehr zum Aktionstag, Beteiligungsmöglichkeiten, andere Termine: https://bildung-brennt.at/aktionstag/



16:00 - 18:00

wear a mask


At Hauptplatz Graz, wear a mask and keep 1-2 meters distance to each other.

There will be talks and music. Practice our cheers  (https://bildung-brennt.at/aktionstag/) beforehand and bring your friends.

As part of the day of action on the 12th of January we take to the streets together. With the demonstration we will step clearly and resolutely into the public space. We demonstrate that we do not agree with the current developments in education policy. We reject the #ugNOvelle, that has been forged by the "ÖVP" and "die Grünen", as it further chains the already limited democracy at universities. The government's plan of implementing such interventions in the middle of a global pandemic and over the holidays fills us with rage. Many students are already massively affected by this pandemic anyway. Depression and mental illness have increased, many still cannot participate well in class and a lot of students have come into an increased precarious financial situation. In this regard, there has been no support from the government. What those in charge have time for, however, is to create further exclusion and increase the pressure - so it's on!

free education for all - education burns!

Join the demonstration on 12.01.2021 and support the decentralised day of action.

more info via: www.bildung-brennt.at


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Tuesday, 12 January, 2021 - 16:00 to 18:00

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