Bildung Brennt - Solidarität statt Ausgrenzung - Demonstration Wien

Tuesday, 12 January

Bildung Brennt - education is burning - solidarity instead of exclusion - demonstration Wien

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Meetingpoint 16h Minoritenplatz4


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Call for Action: New Year´s Demonstration – because not only our education is burning!

Meeting Point 4pm Ministry for Education / Minoritenplatz – come masked and keep your distance.

Following the demonstration there will be speeches as well as a concert from Шaпκa (Schapka) and DJ´ing from DJ Diamond and others. We want to be loud together during all of the demonstration. So practice the slogans for the demonstration ( and take your friends with you. Try to build peer groups!

As part of the day of action on the 12th of January we take to the streets together. With the demonstration we will step clearly and resolutely into the public space. We demonstrate that we do not agree with the current developments in education policy. We reject the #ugNOvelle, that has been forged by the ÖVP and Grün, as it further chains the already limited democracy at universities. The government's plan of implementing such interventions in the middle of a global pandemic and over the holidays fills us with rage. Many students are already massively affected by this pandemic anyway. Depression and mental illness have increased, still many cannot participate well in class and a lot have come into increased precarious financial situations. In this regard, there has been no support from the government. What those responsible have time for, however, is: to create further exclusion and increase the pressure - so it's on!

At the same time we are aware that we have to see further than the end of the university´s noise. We are aware that many people are much more affected by the crisis and by this kind of politics - neoliberal and performance-oriented. Therefore we stand in solidarity with all those who, despite empty apartments, still do not have a place to live. Likewise, with all those who had to flee their home - in search of a better life. People must not be stuck in the camps in Greece, nor freeze to death in Bosnia. There is enough space! We stand in solidarity with all those who work precariously, we know that applause does not pay the increasing rent prices. We do not close our eyes to social exclusions, be it femicides in Austria or racism that is reproduced by society, police and politics. Therefore, we also take to the streets for these concerns and make them visible through various speeches.

We stand up for educational structures in which co-determination is strengthened. We are in favour of a society that doesn´t revolve around performance. "Faster ! Higher ! Further!" got us to the point where we are right now as a society: We are in a situation where more resources are being consumed worldwide than the planet can support. We are facing a massive societal climate crisis that is man-made and will have catastrophic consequences worldwide. We are in the midst of a pandemic in which policy makers are failing to implement apt measures in a timely manner. Areas such as culture, social affairs, education, housing, health and science have been underfunded for years, but represent a basis for all our lives and social solidarity. These areas must be fully financed without any conditions.

For a basis that makes a good life possible. A basis that makes it possible to live without fear - regardless of origin, wealth, appearance or gender.

This requires more justice. Without social redistribution and global cooperation, there can be no future based on solidarity. We stand for a world where everyone can move freely, in which war, terror and injustice are put behind us. For a world with free access to everything that people fundamentally need to live, in which people treat each other mindfully and with respect.

For a world where no one can decide over or dispose of others, where everyone has the opportunity to shape society together. This clearly goes beyond the field of education, but education is one of the cornerstones to achieve such a different form of togetherness.

And - as long as there are no societal good and fair conditions for all people, we will protest. Education is not a commodity! Another world is necessary and possible.

Free education for all - education burns!

Join the demonstration on 12.01.2021 and support the decentralized day of action.



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Tuesday, 12 January, 2021 - 16:00

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