Wenn Staatsgrenzen endlich Geschichte sind

Thursday, 24 November

Wenn Staatsgrenzen endlich Geschichte sind

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When state borders are finally history

Thu 24.11. from 19h30 at the Cultural Centre 4lthangrund @ Mensa / Cafe

Film evening (short films) & discussion with Sea-Watch Vienna and Aylin Basaran -

Exhibition "Museum Fortress Europe" - Closing

Event by 4lthangrund in cooperation with:

biblio>media:take! - Infoladen Collective / Seebrücke Wien / Sea-Watch Vienna


Discussion: When state borders are finally history

Together with Sea-Watch Vienna and the creator of the exhibition Aylin Basaran we will discuss under the moderation of 4lthangrund. How can we all contribute to making Fortress Europe part of history? How can we come closer to a utopian society in which freedom of movement is possible for all? What can we each practically contribute to this?


Film SEABIRD - The Civil Eye

is a documentary film about the aerial observation of the search and rescue organisation Sea-Watch e.V. in the central Mediterranean Sea. This not only complements civilian sea rescue and coordinates rescue operations from the air, but also documents human rights violations at sea by the so-called Libyan coast guard.

More at: https://sea-watch.org/seabird-film/



"Fortress Europe" stands for the closure of Europe against migrants from other parts of the world. It also refers to an system of internal isolation between the centre and the periphery, as well as within society.

Similar to old fortresses whose ruins can be visited today, "Fortress Europe" is a historically specific phenomenon. In her exhibition project, Aylin Basaran looks at the discourse around "Fortress Europe" from the perspective of a utopian future in which the border walls have long been history. In the style of a historical or ethnographic show (such as those on the subject of the Middle Ages or slavery), the "Fortress Europe Museum" makes current practices and seemingly self-evident assumptions appear anachronistic. Everyday objects and familiar images are re-contextualised and alienated; sources and documents of the present time take on a different meaning from the perspective of tomorrow.

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alte Mensa = old WU, Augasse 2-6, long 2-storey building to the right of the main entrance next to the hut

Wolke = Old WU, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna. Core C, 4th floor

Hut = in front of the building near the main entrance

Directions: https://www.4lthangrund.jetzt/zugang-zu-4lthangrund/

barrier-free access + barrier-free loo available


FFP2 mask for indoor events on voluntary basis, comes tested when possible.

Association event by: Althangrund for All in cooperation with solidarity kitchen.

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Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 19:30


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